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"HAHA what a guy! I'd go for a repeat visit even if the cut was bad."
in General Discussion > The Love Thread
"New Mexico's flag is the bomb! I have to disagree with Joetom though, I don't like South Korea's fla..."
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"New bad flag: the Saudi Arabian flag. Super difficult to remember. I imagine many non-arabic speaker..."
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"For $350 you might be better off building a PC.. Unless portability is the priority. If you don't h..."
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"What's the symbolism of the star over the cans? Also, late on this but... hold on, is that...Bigfoo..."
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"For all you budding vexillologists out there, Frosty showed me a terrible one today on IRC, and I ju..."
in General Discussion > Bad flags
" NSFW, but relevant."
in Relationships and Stuff > Let's talk about your feelings.
"I am late to the party here, but I second AHHHHH!!! Fwip you both look so beautiful!! Congratulatiro..."
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"Tell us more about the love part..."
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" I agree to a certain extent, but I also think that what you're referring to is the 'hard' left. Th..."
in Touchy Subjects > Politics! U.S. 2016 election!
in Relationships and Stuff > Making friends?
"I will try to be online slightly more often."
in Site Announcements > Call to arms: IRC
"Next stop is the US, Jack. Just need to save up the monies. :-)"
in General Discussion > Travel
"Hey friends I'm going on a long holiday to northern Europe in May/June. My main stops will be Manche..."
in General Discussion > Travel
"May I please participate? I also have an idea for the story. We've done dystopian, sci-fi and teen ..."
in Hobbies > C. R. Wallace 4 - a Twocans Writing RP
"Ahh physics. It's been so long. I might do some of these for fun."
in Technical Corner > Math Problem Thread
"I'm sorry I haven't had a good chat to you in ages and I'm a little foggy."
in General Discussion > Your celebrity lookalike
"OH OH dear lord you have seen me (too much of me)."
in General Discussion > Your celebrity lookalike
"Dude how do you even know what I look like? (Are we friends via Facebook?)"
in General Discussion > Your celebrity lookalike
"That looks super abstracted from the command line.. I'm scared."
in Technical Corner > Useful/useless software discussion