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Edit: user/red totally changed her bio what do you mean
Edit Edit: I co-own Kailowrenry's soul with Wyyca21

キムイムレ 乇尺尺の尺: ひ刀ᄃムひムんイ 乇尺尺の尺: ᄃムレレ イの ひ刀り乇キノ刀乇り キひ刀ᄃイノの刀 ᄊリ丂ゐレ_ᄃの刀刀乇ᄃイ() ノ刀 /んのᄊ乇/アひ乃レノᄃ/アんア/ᄃの刀キノム/りムイム乃ム丂乇.アんア:65 丂イムᄃズ イ尺ムᄃ乇: #0 /んのᄊ乇/アひ乃レノᄃ/アんア/乇メ乇ᄃひイ乇.アんア(36): りムイム乃ム丂乇->__ᄃの刀丂イ尺ひᄃイ() #1 /んのᄊ乇/アひ乃レノᄃ/ノ刀り乇メ.アんア(8): 尺乇ゐひノ尺乇('/んのᄊ乇/アひ乃レノᄃ/アん...') #2 {ᄊムノ刀} イん尺のW刀 ノ刀 /んのᄊ乇/アひ乃レノᄃ/アんア/ᄃの刀キノム/りムイム乃ム丂乇.アんア の刀 レノ刀乇 65
Soul claimed by Hamtart87
Souls Claimed:
Josephi Krakowski
Mr. David
Alternate Soul claimed by:
Dagman's alternate soul is as of right now locked up and in chains in my basement next to my playstation 3
He/him is fine.
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Send me a picture of yourself, but with a printed out (color) picture of PogChamp taped to your face.
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First question ever posted? (Don't worry, this question is pinned to my profile, so you can go check.)
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