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I'm unicornhorse160 :)
Alright, before you read my age... How old do you think I am?
Go on, I won't be offended, I'm actuallly kind of genuinely curious! :)

Anywho, I guess that unicornhorse160 a bit long to type out every time you want to get my attention, but it's what I've got? So yeah, I guess.
I've had this username since forever and I love it <3
It's mine and I love it please never take it please and thank you
lol I tried to type "tank you"
woot woot
honk honk
vroom vroom
I'm a bit tired! :D

I can be pretty upbeat at times, and at other times...
I'm stubborn, yay!
And so is my brain! And we're in this very nice tussle because sometimes we don't like eachother (but my brain is a buttcheek so I have every right to not like it except I do like it because my brain is hilarious)

Also I'm very passionate.

Okay, I know this sounds super cheesy and you (the person reading this) probably wouldn't want to talk to somebody anonymously online anyway (cause lord knows I wouldn't talk to a random stranger online because that would scare the jeebus outta me), but I'm here, alright? And nonjudgmental.
And I'm working my way towards being a counselor/therapist/child psychiatrist and any experience is experience :)

Anywho, if you've muddled your way this far, thanks for that! :D
I should probably stop with the text emojis and stuff
I also say things like bc/prolly/lol/oml XD/HRNGH frequently, so if that bothers you, just ask me to stop, and I'll do my best to remember that I've been asked to stop, and if I forget I'm sorry because I'm forgetful sometimes, and this is a run on sentence.
Grammar, yay! ^-^

Okay, have a good day/night everybody reading this (even if you didn't get this far down)! :D

And if you did get this far down:
I'm 14 and female.
Please don't track me down and be a creeper person and kill me because that would really suck.
If you assumed my gender/age it's okay because I act like an eight year old boy sometimes :)
I have the humor of an adult 3rd grader
Somehow XD
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