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My soul has been claimed by asdfjkl;

Souls claimed: DOGsushi, finnbarsboss, Imperium, c04inna, beep beep boop, sup, _Cassie06, antimony pentafluoride, Rikka_Preo, TheExper.SharedAccount, N1ghtmare, Stevie Ray Vaughan, skatergirl20084, Xxpastel_pinkxX, Toad, Sapient, BroncoBoy20, Alina.Quinn, 5% of Ahsker's soul, sean_nesa, littlebeth0712

(She/Her, irl name 'Em')
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Reverse Question! I will give you an answer, and you give me a question that could have that answer. Every week, I will post my favourite answer in this thread: This weeks answer is "Obviously it was the man in the suit and tie"
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