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Wyverian Shapeshifter
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Hi. This account exists to ask and answer questions.
Like every other account.
I am relatively social here though.
Also, if you want to message me, go for it. But expect me to be confused about text language.
I did not grow up with text language!
Also also, I like video games. A lot.
I'll follow back. Turns out that feeds can huge sometimes, but it's mostly my fault.
Expect to get weirdness.

Quoiromantic, Asexual. Bread-hoarding dragon.

[Join the Pain of Life club now, and get a Discord server and cake.]
[Former member of TESA. The death of it is very sad.]
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How does one stop with the whole mental-self-harm thing? because i have the tendency to yeet out “nice stuff” because nice things means bad at the time, and that almost cost a relationship recently. so if anyone has ideas, I’d like to hear them. Please.
View Question It's a game. An idle game. I've been thinking... The most basic form of resource is meat. I'm going to assume that each drone (they harvest meat from who knows where) gets at base, one pellet of meat. Pill sized, about. You can get ridiculous amounts of meat. I have at least a few ...
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