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APHUG homework. I have two chapters to annotate and a 102-word vocabulary Quizlet to do all today for homework. And it's already nighttime. Oh boy, this is gonna take a long time.
Hey there, W_Licky!
W_Licky said:
APHUG homework. I have two chapters to annotate and a 102-word vocabulary Quizlet to do all today for homework. And it's already nighttime. Oh boy, this is gonna take a long time.
Oh, boy, I feel your pain. Good luck my man.
Way too many people want to be my friend. Usually, it's the "loud" people, and there's a lot, but also people I barely know, some I know only their name, suddenly break out in conversation with me and I just go along with it.

But I'm a fan of it. I'm introverted so having this many people want to be my friend is nice and helps me break the shell. I'll talk, obviously, I'm just not going to blurt things out. These people really want me to do stuff with them, like play games or chat online, but I don't have a phone line, I don't do social media, and I don't have access to big games. And I know little about pop culture.

Also, they think my family's rich because I have a nice jacket. They say I have "an air of mystery" to me.

Some of my classmates didn't know I'm Asian? I'm like 100% Han Chinese; is it not clear? Probably because I'm one of a few people who wears masks, and I'm to only one who won't take off my mask for anything unless I really really need to, so only when I eat, outside, distanced from others.

If I'm the smart one, I'm the Asian one. Clearly. The stereotype's true! My parents even claim it as true; they say Americans are stupid, which I'm offended by; I know people smarter than me (jk only one person, but he literally understands Pre-Calc in 9th grade, how am I supposed to compete with that?)

I'm feeling uninspired today.

I haven't drawn anything in a long time other than pixel avatars here.

Geometry is so easy when you actually pay attention. I got distracted yesterday for a bit, and I got so confused. Then I looked over the lesson last night, and it was so simple. Now I paid more attention today, and it's so easy. I only got distracted yesterday because I had just downloaded the Tetris extension and also my glasses were blurry.
I got confused in Geometry Honors today. Uh oh.

Eh, I'll just finish the worksheet and look up the answers and within ten minutes I'll understand it all.

But I have other homework. Like my Spanish vocab quizlet for telling time. And an FRQ for APHUG. And a chapter to annotate. And an Albert to do, this time with fewer questions. Only 100. But now it's graded for accuracy. And Political Unit vocab to do but I'll wait till break to do that. And other projects.
W_Licky said:
I got confused in Geometry Honors today. Uh oh.

What's the confusion?
Temporary Link

I know that number 11 has stuff from Algebra I but honestly my memory of factoring is fuzzy. And I don't intend to use the quadratic formula.

The other stuff I just need confirmation that I'm doing it right.
Math stands for mental abuse to humans
mental abuse to monkeys
Why monkeys?
i do not remember
The world is still alive, thank goodness.
Hey, Licky!
Bxth!na was wondering if you could make her a Filipino flag, but she doesn't know how to ask. Could you please?
So much negativity on this site today. I have a feeling Blake is going to shut down the site for a bit because of this negativity. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Oh and the profanity… It’s a lot. I have never flagged so many posts.
people are meanies and they will be meanies until the end of time and that is of the sad
If only people wouldn’t hold so much hate.
It is pretty stupid, really.
Big news.

My geometry teacher’s quitting.

Friday is her last day. She has a better job for a Texas district virtual as a math teacher and teacher coach, which she has always wanted to be. She refused it last semester in August. They asked her again in January but she got Covid and her plans were delayed. She was supposed to leave three weeks ago, but she gave us some time to figure out what to do with her classes. She has a first period, third period, and fourth period. I’m the last class.

Her first block is Algebra I Honors and there’s a teacher free at that time to take the whole class. Third block is Geometry Honors and there just happens to be a worker in Student Services free at that time and has taught Geometry.

My fourth block tho… no teacher to take us whole, so we’re getting split. Most of us are going to this one teacher who has geometry fourth block but can take misery of us in. Some of us will have to have our class sent to a different block, which changes up our schedule completely. I really hope I stay in fourth block Geometry, or else I’m gonna have different teachers for my classes suddenly. And I love my Spanish I teacher and APHUG teacher.

I will file a complaint if they change my Honors or AP classes to normal classes.

Louisiana’s classroom student limit is far too low and inflexible. Otherwise my class wouldn’t have to be split up. Stupid law.

Biggest news at my school that I’m a part of. Everyone’s talking about it.
good luck to your teacher
Blogs are just journals, except the internet watches you write.
that is very true
I just wrote 3 FRQs in 75 minutes for a APHUG final exam and now my fingers are stiff and can't type. I just have to do this again on the AP test on Thursday.
You're so smart, licky.
You're such a good, smart boy. You're doing us proud. Someday, you'll blow us all away.
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