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im starting a blog that I may or may not post consistently
Yay a new blogger
i cant wait for winter
I can
Winter = snowboarding
sounds fun. I've never done it before
I've been sledding, but what's snowboarding like?
skiing with both feet together

skateboarding on snow

I don't actually know
I've been sledding, but what's snowboarding like?

its a more versatile version of skateboarding.

You can do tricks that are way more insane than skateboards, or you can just cruise "longboard style" down the mountain, or you can do really technical steep terrain

skateboarding on snow

Is snowboarding or skiing easier?
depends what your doing. personally, i found it easier learning to do jumps on a snowboard, but I am glad I learned skiing first because I feel like the fundamentals transferred over to snowboarding very nicely

I've skied as long as i can remember, i switched to boarding about 4 years ago
depends what your doing.

...It's you're. You are. You're.
what are you gonnna do about it?
I had my braces tightened yesterday. not fun

a little while ago i got oral surgery to remove 2 baby teeth that werent coming out on their own, and they put chains on the adult teeth, and then attached it to my wire. One of the teeth was barely far enough down to attach to the wire w/ a normal bracket, but its way far back compared to my other teeth so it is being pulled very far and it hurts
Shameless self plug

I have a melodic dubstep/colour bass song releasing next friday, presave it if your into that kinda music
Somebody sayed BASS!!!!!!!! I am in for whatever this is. I forgot while posting this.
This is what colour bass is
Farndom is silly. Vague explanation, and when I click "play sound", it's all ads. Could I get a real description?
i dont really know how to describe it besides it is aggressive dubstep that is resonated to be colourful

i think the best way to understand it is to listen to some examples

Here is dubstep track

and here is a color bass VIP of that track

in EDM vip usually means variation in production

Also here are some other examples of colour bass
Sharks - Water Elememental
Colour Bass Vol 3, this is a big compilation, you can just listen to a few songs from it
I have become enslaved by life 360

Only 2 days after I was allowed to drive to school on my own, my parents made me get life 360.

I just use it to know where my dad is when he's picking us up
I am also required to use it. It's not that bad, though.
this is my 8999th post

cheers to me not having a social life. That is an average of about 10.6 post per day since I registered my account. In reality it is higher if you discount the days during my hiatus from the site over the summer
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