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Hey! I don't know if this was thing yet, but i havent seen something like it.
Basically, you choose a user and then nobody else can reply until they do, and then they summon someone else.
~~Un-summonable Users~~
(List to be made in future)

I summon MintyTea
Also, try to summon people who are online.
you can always edit if they aren't replying :)
this is stupid

I summon There is no eleven!!!
I'm not an asshole!

I summon Coldfrost

Maybe we should pick another user
That's for quitters
i will allow it. Chotano, the floors all yours.
No quitters
its my game. chotano, i summon you.

I summon BroncoBoy18
Hello there!

I summon Ava
Should bronco try again?
I summon Chotano then
I'm here. Again.

I summon ackyyackyattack
Hay hay hay.

I summon Bug.
i resent that summoning because you capitalized my name and that is very not good

i summon stripes
hi!! hi!!!!!! ive been waiting

i summon W_Licky
bug said:
capitalized my name and that is very not good

Tell that to all the knuckleheads who assume I must have typo'd my own name. Happens all the time.
Wow, Licky still hasn't replied :(
somebody choose a new one
stripes has to choose right?
ok fine

i summon noiwillnot
yo yo yo

I summon dementedkermit
Poor choice

I summon Dr. Beat
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