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Not sure if anyone’s done this yet and it’s a bit late now but let’s talk about Eurovision.
Eurovision is a political event disguised as a singing contest. Ukraine winning was hardly unexpected, given the current situation.
Imagine spending money to vote for Ukraine on a popularity contest and not donating or giving them food etc 😐
I like ukraine's song though, it's good. I think its deserved, maybe not 1st but top 10
Great Britain was my favourite. It was nice to see them actually have a good song for once. And getting points. It would've been fun if they won, but of course it was Ukraine this year.

Also, I do not understand at all how Spain got so many points. Spain's and Romania's points should have been switched, in my opinion. Romania was way better than Spain.

Lastly, Sweden has a really good commentator. His sass is through the roof and it's great. Always fun to watch.
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