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Is it worth it to date as a freshman?

A lot of my friends have already dated at least 1 or 2 people. I, on the other hand, have maintained my 15 year single streak.

It seems like it would be useful to sort of get used to dating but it also seems like a lot of stress. Not to mention, I doubt anyone is interested. I like someone but am about 90% sure im just "that weird girl on the bus" to them.

One friend is very happy in her relationship while another regrets it. I'm just confused.
Hello, and welcome to the forum!

I'd say try not to worry too much about dating. I didn't start dating until I was a junior, and I know plenty of people who hadn't dated at all through high school. If you find the right someone, then it can be a great experience, but you should in no way feel pressured to have to date anyone. Things will work out fine either way.

And every relationship is different. Whether one is "worth it" or not is going to depend on who the people in the relationship are and what they want out of it. Some people are compatible, and some people aren't.

As for this person you like - you know you like them, now you need to figure out what to do about it. I don't know how much you care, but if you really want to know whether they like you back, then the only way to know that for sure is to ask them.
Dude If you find someone you like, and they like you back, date them if you feel like it would be good for you. I've been dating since like 8th grade, it just depends on where you live and what you're used to.
Mayday said:
I, on the other hand, have maintained my 15 year single streak.

Nothing wrong with being single. Don't feel pressured to start until you think you're ready. Relationships are a lot of maintenance work and a pretty big time sink (There's a reason they're called "Commitments"). Don't pursue them until you think you're ready and willing to form a relationship.
No point frankly unless someone's got a car.
I'm sure you're already a sophomore or something at this point, but my advice would be to not pressure yourself to get into a relationship if the opportunity doesn't present itself, or if you're not sure it's something you'd be into. I guess just try things out, and don't be afraid to break off arrangements that get too... intimate?
If you like someone my advice is to go for it. Make sure that you are ready for a relationship because maintaining a happy and healthy relationship is a lot of work and you should be sure that that is what you truly want. go slow, take your time, when you're ready you will know
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