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I'm not taking credit for this thread... it was on the "old two cans" and I sort of miss it... for those of you who don't know or remember this thread, The rule is... YOU CAN ONLY POST IF IT IS BETWEEN 12 AM AND 4 AM IN YOUR TIME ZONE. Have fun! :)

Oh, yeah, and I put this in the game section because people say random things when they are tired. Sometimes another sleepy person will read that silly or random post and make a ridiculous comment. It gets to be quite fun and pretty funny sometimes!
Shouldn't this be in general not forum games? Would make a little more sense to me since people could actually start talking about stuff.

Oh, but it is 1:52am and I am not going to sleep until this episode of Wreckless Media Radio that I am listening to is done.
It's 00:22. And I agree; I ought very much to be asleep.
Why I am not asleep is a mystery to me, mankind, and ultimately the entire universe.
It's 12:42 AM, and I'm not tired at all. Not very odd. (:
I'm tired but I'm not.
I'm sitting on my friend's couch, using her laptop.
She's passed out on my shoulder.
She snores.
I would be snoring if I weren't here...
I'm very tired. I'll be sleeping soon. I'm just going to get me a glass of water.
Tired but not really. This seems to be most people's response. It makes me wonder which one I am more. I also think I'm hungry.
I am having a really hard time breaking my cycle of not going to sleep at a proper time... and it doesn't help that it is 1:25 AM and I just discovered that Kamelot has some pretty awesome music videos.
this thread should be in conjunction with "people sitting at home who should be out on a saturday night." lol
It's friday right now. I already did social people stuff earlier tonight. Now, I should be asleep.
I really should be asleep right now, but since I stayed up till about 2 last night and slept in till 12:20 this morning/today, my body doesn't quite agree. Though it better because I have to get up and be fantasmic and learn how to use a damn sewing machine tomorrow so I can feel crafty and awesome. I'm just angry I forgot my yarn and crochet hooks.
I can see this turning into more of a discussion than a lot of threads already holding position in general discussion. Besides that, it's really not a "game" as such. Moved to General Discussion.
posting here because I can. although I really should be doing more studying than sleeping right now. meh. at least I'm avoiding doing two things at once rather than the standard one.
Sleeping on a couch sucks.
It's seven a.m. I went to bed around 9:30, then woke up two hours later after a particularly bad nightmare. I waited up until fourish, hoping that the computer would become available. By then I just kinda crawled back to bed, giving up.
It's 12:02am, yay.
Morning, then, gorgeous.
Why the hell am I still online?
It's not even 8 and I have the day off. Why the hell am I awake?
Well, it's only ten here, and I just spent two minutes staring at a loading screen waiting for it to finish before I realized it was a picture on a wiki page talking about loading screens >.<

This is what I get for staying up with the lady friend on the phone until seven after running several miles.

EDIT: Yeah, and now I've just woken up to an ungodly amount of Vs in a text box, without realizing I've fallen asleep on the keyboard. I'm leaving.
It's 1:14. I should be sleeping, or at least doing something else than sitting in front of the computer. Like studying before my test. Frankly, sinus and cosines are not appealing at this hour. Nor are derivatives and integrals and a shitload of triangles. But I have to study, I really do. And I have to get healthy, I've missed a week of school. Not good, I have a bunch of questions for my math teacher. And showering right now would be pretty nice, although I'm struggling to keep my eyes open so I don't really know. Also, when I'm this tired it takes me about half an hour to shower.
I'm going to make a list. Of what CDs I'm going to buy and where I'm most likely going to buy them. Which reminds me. I'll have to fix that list my friend gave me with movies that I should watch. I've watched one, which means that I have 52 movies left to watch. And that's only from 1916-1968. All those early ones are pretty hard to find. I'll think of something.
I do love making lists.
It's 2:37AM... I think I'm going in to the town tomorrow to get some comic books and records. My brain hurts.

I want it to be summer. Right now. I'm listening to so much music that reminds me of summer, and it's making me feel terrible.

And now it's 2:45AM. It took me eight minutes to type this.

Edit: Eight. Freaking. Minutes.
It's... Late. Just finished filling in my homestay forms in French, and my brain is fried. Do you think having correction tape scattered across the pages will put them off? Will the get my age joke? Tell me your opinion world:

On the front page it said my age in years and months. Eg: 57.4 so when it asked later in the survey what my age was, I said cinquant (virgule quartre, apparemment!) Meaning: 57 (point 4 apparently!) is that funny or stupid. Leave it, take it out?

Anyway, yes. Forms. I have so much homework. I find myself doing hour upon hour after work. Is this normal? Is his HEALTHY? Anyway. I picked up Japanese again this year - oh fuck! I didn't do the 12 lines!!!!

Have fun!

I was asleep, but a dear friend called, so I stayed up for a little while and I guess decided there was something I needed to write. This shows you how sleepy I was:

"In valley runs drug scene script can't watch throws glass 2nd look shocked, then sit, pick up slowlly"

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