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So long, and thanks for all the fish

I have ilovepompom's soul, D a v e B a r r y, UnKnPartic476,
CaptainAmerica57, Cr3d_F1r3,
and one other that I forgot.

Kylljoy gets bragging rights

Puzzle #2:
1.Tinfoil Hatter
2. ちょたの_chotano
do not use:

Disclaimer: the time capsule question will ping everyone who answered 2 years after the question was asked, in june/july 2022, not 2 years after you submit your answer. I don't have enough motivation to work out how to space out 2 years perfectly for every reply
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Alright, 5 months ago I did a thing where you answer with something you want to tell yourself in 3 months, and then I reply to it later so you see what you answered with. I'm doing the same thing now, except instead of three months it will be two years. Say whatever you like idk
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I think people found the last one interesting, so I'm doing another one. First three people to reply with the missing word will get their name immortalized on my profile. Have fun! ❓ / ♀️🐑 / 🍊-👼+L / ➕1️⃣ / ♀️🐑/ ❤ /🤒🗨👨‍⚕️/ 🧙‍♀️-c / <missing word> / ♀️🐑 / 5th📅 / 🐝 / 👩‍⚖️ 2️⃣ 💰 The /'s divide differ...
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Ask me anything 🌲
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A program I made last year for my lego cnc plotter: line(θ, r) makes the pen move r units in direction θ (where θ = 0 is right, 90 is up, 180 is left, and 270 is down) penUp() and penDown() raise and lower the pen. While the pen is down, line(θ, r) will leave a line on the paper. { penUp(); line (90...
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