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Stick Food
See you next Fall!


πŸ‘» Poltergeist - Claim a soul
πŸ“œ Void a Contract - Release a claimed soul
πŸ₯ͺ Sentience - complete Sentient Sandwich
πŸ’― Triple digits - Reach 100 posts
✌️ Double or Nothing - Reach 200 posts
⚰️Postmortal - Return after leaving TCaS
πŸ“… 365 and counting! - Have your account's 1st birthday (Old account)
πŸ“ Fine Print - Be blessed with a subtitle
🌫️ Grey-t Start - Achieve a grey flair
πŸ’œ Not an eggplant - Achieve a purple flair
πŸ’™ True Blue - Achieve a blue flair

(Old account below this, not sure why you'd need it though.)

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